[CLUG-tech] Using sqid and ntlmaps together

Rainer M Krug rainer.linux at krugs.de
Sun Dec 9 13:42:57 SAST 2007

Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Hi Rainer (2007.12.08_16:24:30_+0200)
>>>> Can I recommend rather using tinyproxy as the mediating proxy, and
>>>> DNATing connections to it (i.e. transparent proxying) when you need it's
>>>> services?
>> That's a good idea. I'll look into that. I just compiled TinyProxy with
>> transparent proxying enabled. What else do I have to do? Is the
>> transparent so transparent that I don't have to change any settings?
> Yes. BTW, ubuntu compiles it correctly, debian doesn't.
> You need an iptables rule such as
> iptables -n nat -t OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 8888

Thanks - I never looked into iptables - probably I should...

This would redirect all outgoing requests to port 8888. But as I have 
apache running, wouldn't that result in a loop when I try to connect to 
my local apache server? The request is redirected to 8888 - which then 
redirects to localhost 80 which is then redirected ...

Am I missiung something here? Or are only outgoing requests which are 
going to an ip different from localhost redirected?



> SR

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