[CLUG-tech] 'tis the season

Izak Burger isburger at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 18:03:58 SAST 2007

On Dec 9, 2007 12:27 AM, Jonathan Hitchcock <vhata at clug.org.za> wrote:
> So, here's a Christmas project for the amateur engineers among you:
> design a small circuit and LED system that would be suitable for a
> Christmas tree, given only easily available materials (no
> superconductors or flying cars), and try to make it as accessible as
> possible (no requirements like knowledge of quantum mechanics, or the
> ability to read minds).

Yebo electronics used to make a kit for this sort of thing. I can't
seem to find it anymore, but they do sell another kit for a "jazzy
heart" with 8 random flashing leds.

Other options that might be cool is a 555 timer and a binary and/or
decimal counter (like a 4017 iirc). Then your leds can light up and
count in binary or decimal :-)

I haven't really done this sort of thing in quite a while. The last
time was about 12 years ago, I had a 555 timer wired to a 4017 decimal
counter, and had the outputs paired 3, 3, 4, driving opto-triacs which
in turn switched bigger triacs that flashed big ol' coloured reflector
lamps. Made a heck of a cool disco light setup, especially after we
also found a way to connect a sound source to it so that the music
amplitude also had an effect...


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