[CLUG-tech] 'tis the season

Jonathan Hitchcock vhata at clug.org.za
Sun Dec 9 00:27:45 SAST 2007


While visiting a friend of mine in his new house, we got talking about
his mini-Christmas tree, and what we would need to do to light it up.
This is one of those quite small variety trees, which would be somewhat
dwarfed by the usual lights you can buy at the shops.

Basically, we were discussing what it would take to wire up some LEDs to
flash at irregular intervals (or rather, two sets of LEDs to flash at
regular intervals, which would look irregular when superimposed on each
other), when strung around a Christmas tree.

So, here's a Christmas project for the amateur engineers among you:
design a small circuit and LED system that would be suitable for a
Christmas tree, given only easily available materials (no
superconductors or flying cars), and try to make it as accessible as
possible (no requirements like knowledge of quantum mechanics, or the
ability to read minds).


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