[CLUG-tech] Using sqid and ntlmaps together

Rainer M Krug rainer.linux at krugs.de
Sat Dec 8 16:24:30 SAST 2007

Izak Burger wrote:
> On Dec 8, 2007 12:12 AM, Stefano Rivera <stefano at clug.org.za> wrote:
>> Can I recommend rather using tinyproxy as the mediating proxy, and
>> DNATing connections to it (i.e. transparent proxying) when you need it's
>> services?

That's a good idea. I'll look into that. I just compiled TinyProxy with
transparent proxying enabled. What else do I have to do? Is the
transparent so transparent that I don't have to change any settings?

If I connect to localhost:8888, it works - concerning NTLMaps, I have to
see next week.

> As I recall, transparent proxying is a compile time option to
> tinyproxy, so this might not work out of the box if your distro
> compiled it without that option.

That's right - but as I couldn't find a package for SuSE 10.2, I just
compiled it with transparent proxying enabled.

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