[CLUG-tech] ftp downloads

Greg Armer wiqd at codelounge.org
Sat Dec 8 11:56:03 SAST 2007

On 12/8/07, Zoltan Szecsei <zoltans at geograph.co.za> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to download an "install cd"-type directory structure of files
> from a proprietry website.
> I've tried wget, wsftp and firefox downthemall but they all seem to get
> stuck on descending into the directories on the remote site.
> What parameter/keyword am I missing, or what ftp product should I be using?
> TIA,
> Z

Hi Zoltan,

You mentioned that you are trying to download from a website. If you
can only use HTTP to get these files then wget with the --mirror
option should work fine.

If you do have FTP access then i'd recommend lftp, simply log in and
use the mirror command to recurse into the subdirectories and create
an identical local copy automatically.

Hope it works for you.

Greg Armer

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