[CLUG-tech] Using sqid and ntlmaps together

Stefano Rivera stefano at clug.org.za
Sat Dec 8 00:12:43 SAST 2007

Hi Rainer (2007.12.07_11:07:41_+0200)
> I amnaged to get ntlmaps working for LM authentication. I also managed 
> to setup squid for access so that all my programs can point to 
> localhost:3128 as proxy and I just have to change the squid 
> configuration and another upstream proxy is used (thanks Jeremy! The 
> script is brilliant!).

Sounds like you are using a 600lb gorrila, rather unecessarily.

Can I recommend rather using tinyproxy as the mediating proxy, and
DNATing connections to it (i.e. transparent proxying) when you need it's


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