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Dewaldt van Wyk noesisid at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 13:42:19 SAST 2007

Ben, I would suggest that you upgrade to the latest stable MySQL 5.x on the
server if possible. MySQL 4.0.x has some known issues. If you have to use
MySQL 4, at least use the latest stable 4.1.xrelease.

Also, stay away from the GUI tools -- they are unstable and buggy and can
damage your data. Use MySQLdump in CLI (shell) mode only. If you need an
automated backup system for MySQLdump, I have written a PHP script that
executes mysqldump, compresses to BZ2, creates md5 signatures, checks
written file size and compares to a set minimum, and finally logs the
process. When finished, it sends out mail with logs that also contain an
error message if a dump failed. Of course, you would want to automate the
script with cron.

> Which brings me back to another gripe about mysql... why backticks!?
> Every other database I know use double quotes to quote table names and
> the like, and single quotes to delimit a string. Seriously, is there
> good reason for this?

Yes, Izak :-) MySQL has a few rather odd ways of doing things and it can be
confusing and irritating to people who are used to other SQL systems.
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