[CLUG-tech] ISA rolout at ICT

Rainer M Krug rainer.linux at krugs.de
Tue Dec 4 11:20:59 SAST 2007

Jeremy Thurgood wrote:
> Rainer M Krug wrote:
>> Sounds interesting - but I just installed squid and looked at the 
>> config (using gadminsquid and webmin) but I a just overwhelmed by the 
>> options. Is there an easy way to configure it as local only, very 
>> small (or no) disc cache and sending requests through to other proxies?
> http://jerith.za.net/shiny/proxyserver.html

Thanks a lot - So I have something to do during the cold summer evenings...

> I left the cache settings at the defaults because I had the drive space 
> available. Don't be frightened by the bewildering array of settings, the 
> docs are pretty good and basic config is fairly straightforward.
> --J

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