[CLUG-tech] ISA rolout at ICT

Rainer M Krug rainer.linux at krugs.de
Tue Dec 4 09:51:05 SAST 2007

Hans van der Merwe wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-12-04 at 09:20 +0200, Rainer M Krug wrote:
>> Hi
>> ICTS is rolling out ISA (nternet Security and Acceleration) at UCT which 
>> requires the use of the cache.pac automatic proxy configuration file and 
>> an authentication with username and password to access the internet.
>> My question is:
>> How does that affect programs (under Linux) in which I can not use the 
>> automatic configuration script, but which use a direct proxy address?
>> I assume that browsers like firefox et al will work - but I am slightly 
>> worried about the other programs (smart package manager, R, etc.) --- 
>> especially ICTS help desk essentially told me that I should contact them 
>> if it doesn't work and they will see if they can make a plan to make it 
>> work.
>> Rainer
> Well, I have the same at my current job - MS ISA server (proxy).  It
> currently uses NTLM to authenticate the user to the server - this is
> native to Firefox (do about:config and search for ntlm), but not to the
> rest of the system (well not the ones I used, Kubuntu and openSUSE).
> I use "ntlmaps",  http://ntlmaps.sourceforge.net/
> It acts as an local proxy and relays any requests to the ISA server
> (with NTLM auth).

That sounds really interesting - in addition, I could use it to reduce 
the need to change many proxy settings when I have to switch proxy 
servers (one in office one, another in office two and a third one at 
home). Does ntlmaps also work when the external proxy does not require 

> It works fine, sometimes it will max out the CPU for no apparent reason?
> Hans
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