[CLUG-tech] ISA rolout at ICT

Rainer M Krug rainer.linux at krugs.de
Tue Dec 4 09:20:15 SAST 2007


ICTS is rolling out ISA (nternet Security and Acceleration) at UCT which 
requires the use of the cache.pac automatic proxy configuration file and 
an authentication with username and password to access the internet.

My question is:

How does that affect programs (under Linux) in which I can not use the 
automatic configuration script, but which use a direct proxy address?
I assume that browsers like firefox et al will work - but I am slightly 
worried about the other programs (smart package manager, R, etc.) --- 
especially ICTS help desk essentially told me that I should contact them 
if it doesn't work and they will see if they can make a plan to make it 


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