[CLUG-tech] 3G Huwaei 220 on debian

marius marius at sanbi.ac.za
Mon Dec 3 14:55:53 SAST 2007

Hi all,
I've previously got some info on getting this modem to work on debian 
off the web.

I tried the python package - no-go.

I tried other advice that said that no additional packages are required 
for debian, and that the following steps are all that's needed:

0. plug the modem into usb, wait

1. rmmod usb_storage

2. lsusb
    -this is to get vendor and prod-id's

3. modprobe usbserial vendor=0xnum-from-above product=0xnum-from-above

4. unplug, wait, plug, wait

5. setup wvdial (can't remember all the settings)
    (I did all the settings under [Dialer Defaults])
    - Username = ?( I use vodafone)
    - Password = ?( I use vodafone)
    - phone number -- *99***1# (if I remember it correctly)

6. sudo wvdial

    - finds modem
    - does handshaking, dials, etc
    - then says: CONNECTED
    - it then waits a while and the line is dropped (i think from the 
vodacom side) and the it goes on trying to reconnect unsuccesfully

How do I get this @#$*& thing to work?


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