[CLUG-tech] Pointers for edgy dist-upgrade

Liam Smit liam.smit at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 14:41:47 SAST 2006

3 steps to upgrade from dapper to edgy.

Change all occurrences of dapper to edgy.
sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list

Update your package lists:
sudo aptitude  update

Upgrade your system:
sudo aptitude dist-upgrade

You may have to repeat the last two steps to resolve package
dependencies, get the latest packages if your mirror is behind or if
updated packages are released. I accepted aptitude's recommendations
to resolve problems.

Your experience may differ from mine slightly as I switched to edgy a
couple of weeks ago.

The only problems I encountered was with Oracle SQL developer being
unhappy due to a path issue (environment setting) which I fixed by
editing the scripts & .conf files to read ./<filename> instead of

I also changed the default Java VM back to the official SUN version
instead of the GNU version.



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