[CLUG-tech] trouble with pppoe over wireless network.

Chris Nash uhs2001 at webmail.co.za
Sat Feb 18 08:14:52 SAST 2006

I am sharing some of my bandwidth with a few clients on our wireless 
network. They are running Suse 9.1. I have setup a dsl connection in 
yast to use the netowrk card (which I gave an IP - wasn't sure about 
that) and it works for a couple of hours. Then the internet connection 
dies although it says that it is still connected. Simple disconnection 
and then reconnection solves the problem.

Now idealy I would like the connection to stay up for as long as 
possible. Is there something I did wrong? What can I check?

Another thing is that when they were still using ISDN I ran /isdnctrl 
dial ippp0 /and /isdnctrl hangup ippp0  /to start and stop the internet. 
Is there a similar command for the dsl0 interface?

Thanks in advance.


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