[CLUG-tech] Installed GRUB on an NTFS partition

Mark Ter Morshuizen mark at itbox.co.za
Fri Feb 17 19:11:23 SAST 2006

Hi Alan,

On Friday 17 February 2006 15:32, Alan McKinnon wrote:

> Is there a Linux tool to put the NT loader back where it belongs? Or
> do I have to search and find someone with XP and the appropriate
> Windows tools? Or am I up the creek without a paddle?

There's a util called mbr or install-mbr which makes MS compatible boot 
records (with some added open source functionality). If you install that you 
should be able to fix it with fixmbr etc.

Mark Ter Morshuizen
mark at itbox.co.za
082 542 6484

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