[CLUG-tech] Fetchmail and anti-spam

Liam Smit liam.smit at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 12:24:18 SAST 2006

Hi Ronald

> I am wondering if anyone can help me, I have configured fetchmail and it is
> working 100 % without any problems, however I have an anti-virus and
> anti-spam program which has blacklists and whitelists etc. I have put a test
> account into the blacklists but the mail still comes through.
> My suspician is because of the From address that Fetchmail seems to modify
> when it fetches the mail, my anti-spyware prog seems to think it is from
> local, is there anyway I can change this ?

A differenet approach but perhaps you need procmail and clamAV?

Procmail is very simple and can blcok any file type you want, e.g. no
more .exe, .com, .vbs .etc If you add ClamAV will catch 99%+ of the
viruses.  Works wonders.



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