[CLUG-tech] Fetchmail and anti-spam

Louis Young louis at kwikpay.co.za
Fri Feb 17 12:40:31 SAST 2006

> My suspician is because of the From address that Fetchmail 
> seems to modify when it fetches the mail, my anti-spyware 
> prog seems to think it is from local, is there anyway I can 
> change this ?

Well, it would help if you told us which anti-spam app you're using. Is
it client side or serverside? I know that spamassassin's default setting
on Fedora is to not block spam, but merely tag it as spam. The e-mail
client is then responsible for shoving into a junkmail folder (or do
whatever with it). Perhaps you can configure your anti-spam app to look
at the entire header, since the from address is very rarely the same as
the original source?


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