[CLUG-tech] Canon Pixma IP5200

John Ward johnw at icg.edu.za
Fri Feb 17 10:52:04 SAST 2006

I've experienced the same.... the drivers are only for what looks like
turbo linux......

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> Just wanted to find out if any of you got the Canon Pixma 
> IP5200 working. 
I found some drivers called turboprint, but 
> it's not open source. 

I purchased the turboprint drivers for my Pixma and it was worth the
buy. They are opensource, they're just not free (as in beer)

I also went through the cups site but 
> could not find anything there. Canon's website has a Linux 
> section but they have no drivers there either. I'm currently 
> running FC4

All the websites I found reference TurboPrint, so I'm not sure if there
is a free (as in beer) alternative


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