[CLUG-tech] Calculating Bandwidth with rsync

Shawn jooste at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 08:14:06 SAST 2006


I got the rsync thing working nicely, and now have a batch file
running on a schedule.

My next question is how can I monitor the bandwidth? I will be backing
up a number of windows machines to the same linux server, each backup
will use a different user and be stored in a different directory. I
would need to calculate on a monthly basis how much data each
directory/user has used.

I have a plesk server running and somehow they are able to calculate
traffic on a perdomain  basis, I have monitoring setup for the server
so I have the total amount of data for that server, but I need a break
down per directory.

Any pointers as to how to do this?


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