[CLUG-tech] traffic shaping

Gideon Le Grange gideon at adept.co.za
Tue Feb 14 15:24:50 SAST 2006

On 14 Feb 2006, at 3:11 PM, Louis Young wrote:

>> i've set it up and running farely sweet me thinks.
> How? Using tc?

It can be done. But maybe you need to look at WonderShaper.


>> took me a while to get up cause i had no idea what i was
>> doing...but now that's it's up, it is very easy to setup again.
> Another concern I have is, are there any issues with NAT that you are
> aware?

There should not be issues with NAT for what you are looking at doing  
since you want to classify on protocol/port combinations. If you  
start classifying on internal (natted) IP addresses it becomes a  
different matter.

Check out http://www.lartc.org/

They have a mailing list dedicated to the subject.

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