[CLUG-tech] Google Re-Indexing

Jonathan Hitchcock vhata-clug at rucus.ru.ac.za
Mon Feb 13 20:33:46 SAST 2006

On Mon 2006-02-13 (18:38), Roland Giesler wrote:
> I'd experiment a bit if I were you.  For one, I'd make sure that there's a
> page that doesn't exist any more, that google "remembers".  Go find it in
> google and follow it.  I'm sure (by sheer logic nothing else) that google
> will at some stage (especially if you hit it a few times) decide to re-index
> your site.
> ...
> <Roland: If you follow the <here> link, google must surely see that you page
> has changed and send out a bot to re-index, I would think.  If they don't,
> they're not as smart as they appear to be! :-)>

Do you know anything about HTTP, Roland?

When you go to Google, and they send you an HTML page, it gets rendered in
your browser.
When you click on a link on this page, do you think you're somehow
magically asking Google to send you on to that page?  And that if that page
doesn't exist, Google will notice?

When you click on links on pages, you're asking your browser to go and fetch
that page.  Google isn't going to give a damn.

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