[CLUG-tech] kdeprintd not starting

Nolan Rumble nmr at sun.ac.za
Mon Feb 13 11:36:10 SAST 2006


I'm struggling to get the KDE print menu to work.

I keep getting the following error:
A print error occured. Error message received from system:

Unable to start child print process. The KDE print server (kdeprintd)
not be contacted. Check that this server is running.

What I've found is that the root user can print without any problems.
Yet when I print through a normal user it gives me the error message

Where is kdeprintd loaded?  How can I change it so that a normal user
can print through the menu.  

Another thing is that we can print fine using the lpr command.

What can the problem be?  I've googled quite a bit and I can't seem to
find any answers :(  (perhaps I'm not searching for the correct thing?)


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