[CLUG-tech] Apache2 SSL for Dummies?

Stefano Rivera stefano at clug.org.za
Sun Feb 12 17:08:46 SAST 2006

Hi Andre (2006.02.12_11:36:03_+0200)
> Are there some simple instructions on setting up Apache2 with SSL?

Probably - google? (yeah, I'm being silly, but I can't resist it)

> I manage to get the certificate created and installed, but when I start
> Apache, it asks for a passphrase, but it times out after 2 seconds even
> it I try to type the passphrase

Don't use a passphrase. You aren't going to want to enter it whenever
you start the apache, so there is little point in having it at all...

To remove the passphrase from your cert type
openssl rsa -in privatekey.pem -out privatekey-unsecured.pem


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