[CLUG-tech] Opening PHP files

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Fri Feb 10 09:47:30 SAST 2006

Hi Andre,

Andre Truter wrote:
> No, there should not be anything compiled in it, but the script probably
> generate a HTML page that ask you a few questions (registration details)
> and then redirects you to a URL where you can download the doc.
I had to pre-login, so that part of the background dialogue was not part 
of it.

> I doubt if the document is included in the php script.
luckily, yes

> I suspect that you downloaded the document incorrectly.  You ended up
> downloading the php script that is supposed to redirect you to the
> document you are interested. (Or something to that effect)
There was only one way: right-click and save as.
Try anything else and a pop-up tells you to right-click and save as.

> I think executing the script will probably give you a better idea of
> what it is supposed to do.
> As someone sugested:  php <script name>
the file Au_1.php gave the right results.

Now maybe I'll just in future change the .php to .doc

Cheers for now,

> This should generate HTML or something.


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