[CLUG-tech] Freebsd - Execute as Root

Jonathan Hitchcock vhata-clug at rucus.ru.ac.za
Thu Feb 9 13:06:29 SAST 2006

Hendrik Visage wrote:
>> Scripts can't be suid, because they're interpreted
> BEEEPPP!!!! Wrong :)

No, I was right.  A script is just a text file that is given as input to 
an interpreter.  There may be interpreters that examine their input 
files, detect that they have the suid bit set, and run them with root 
privileges if they do.  But these interpreters will also have to be 
suid, obviously.  Therefore, the suidness is in the interpreter, not in 
the script.  The suid bit on the script is just a flag, and could just 
as well be the line "RUNASROOT=yes" on the fourth line of the script.

Think about it.  Say I am logged in as rodney, a normal user, and I have 
the following files on my machine:

$ ls -l /bin/bash /home/rodney/foo.sh
-rwxr-xr-x  1 root   686520 May 10  2005 /bin/bash
-rwsr-sr-x  1 root      162 Nov 17 14:13 /home/rodney/foo.sh

They're both owned by root, and foo.sh has the suid bit set.  But 'bash' 
is the thing that actually runs.  I am running it as 'rodney', not as 
'root'.  How am I suddenly going to get root priveleges, when I'm just 
plain old rodney?

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