[CLUG-tech] crontab: no changes made to crontab

Izak Burger izakb at miranetworks.net
Thu Feb 9 12:56:56 SAST 2006

Mike Morris wrote:
> To me it appears (from the "crontab.24472" 14L, 672C written") that the 
> temp file /has/ successfully been written

Good point.

> so the problem would seem to 
> be that the temp file is not being copied to the crontab.  

The temp file is in fact moved rather than copied, but I suppose that 
does not change anything.

> Directory 
> permissions (except that Johann says he can't even do it as root!)???

As far as I could see in the code, you will generally get the right 
error message if anything goes wrong.  If it cannot write to the spool 
directory, you will be told about it.  Of course I'm assuming the 
ancient redhat 7.3 version is not too different from the one I looked at.

I suppose the only way to really get down into the problem is to get the 
sourcecode for the crontab on redhat 7.3.  Johann, what version is it?

Or tell yourself that that box is "legacy" and will be replaced RSN 
anyway (where RSN is often a year from now).  Then install the crontabs 
in /var/spool/cron yourself, cowboy style.

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