[CLUG-tech] Gigabyte 256M USb stick stopped working

Percy Langa planga at pgwc.gov.za
Wed Feb 8 15:25:40 SAST 2006

>There's a vfat fs on this stick and it used to work just fine. After a

>lot of experimenting with new kernels and initrds, it doesn't work 
>any more [snip]

$fdisk /dev/sda ?
If it tells you something about invalid or unrecognised partition(s).
Then, remove all data & re-partition using cdfisk or fdisk.

Btw, I had kinda of a similar issue (but my was not related to
partitions or invalid device headers) after upgrading from kernel 2.6.8
to 2.6.14. The device would only be mounted by root, like so: $mount
/dev/sda1 /media/thumbdrive (even though /dev/sda was accessible to
user=percy and the command 'mount' has also on user=percy's path,
user=percy couldnt mount the device) :O(

Then I upgraded from debian 3.0 (previous stable) to 3.1 (current
stable). That problem quickly disappeared. */me is still puzzled*

Good luck.


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