[CLUG-tech] File / Folder Recovery problem

Theuns Smuts theuns at itblue.co.za
Wed Feb 8 12:50:35 SAST 2006


We had a crash yesterday on a RAID device and I used fsck to correct the

I ran fsck -pfv /dev/sda1   [sda1 = 4 x 200GB seagate ide drives on a
Adaptec Raid Card]
The drive is formatted as ext3, die o/s = debian 

Today some of the folders is not showing up in the Samba shared drive BUT it
is on the server. When I try and restore it from the backup it gives me a
I/O error.

To rephrase:

The directory is on the server
The directory cannot be browsed or restored to the server
When I move the directory on the server I can then restore the data without
a problem.

There are millions of directories on the server
 -how do I find these folders [ls or grep or what can I do to find these
 -When I have found these what can I do to make them "visible" again to
windows users and /or how do I get rid of them so I can restore without
having to do this by hand

any / all help appreciated


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