[CLUG-tech] Re: hooking on linux?

Izak Burger izakb at miranetworks.net
Mon Feb 6 10:23:17 SAST 2006

Stephan February wrote:
> If you want to write authentication software for Linux you'd have to
> start with writing a PAM module.
> This is actually not that difficult, and there and lots of sample code
> and tutorials on how to do this.

As everyone said already, you want to write a pam module to handle the 
authentication.  "hooking" is actually a lot easier in most unixes 
because of PAM, it allows you to very easily delegate authentication to 
your own code.  There is also a good howto, just type "linux pam" into 
google to find the linux pam page, then find the module writers 

Deep down, pam uses simple .so files that are loaded dynamically, so it 
is actually quite similar.

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