[CLUG-tech] Synchronise mysql databases with images

Rory McKinley rorym at nebula.co.za
Sat Feb 4 12:32:16 SAST 2006

J-P Human wrote:
> Ok im going to try moving these images into the database, my only concern is
> when they do a search it may easily have to display about 500 images at
> average of 1mb per image, this may put the server under heavy load. ( they
> did just get nice new power edge 1800)
> J-P

Can't you store thumbnails of the big images? When someone does a 
search, show them the thumbnails first. Then if they click on the 
thumbnail, you can fetch the full image? Also, limit the number of 
results shown per page, so you don't have to shunt all five hundred when 
what they are looking for may be in the first thirty.



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