[CLUG-tech] local apt-get repositories

Izak Burger izakb at miranetworks.net
Fri Feb 3 14:53:25 SAST 2006

Jason Norwood-Young wrote:
> A sneaky and easy way it to delete the archives directories on two of 
> the boxen and then NFS the dir on the other boxen. That way, if any of 
> the machines install, the .deb is available for all machines. Just make 
> sure they all have write permissions to that dir (unless you *always* 
> install on one machine *first*). It also saves tons of space on the 
> other two machines.

Do remember to squash_root if you use this setup, otherwise root cannot 
write to the remote filesystem.  Unless of course you always do updates 
on the "server" first.

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