[CLUG-tech] local apt-get repositories

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Fri Feb 3 13:49:54 SAST 2006

Hendrik Visage wrote:
> It's debian, so use apt-proxy ;^P
as per answer to Mark's reply

> That's what I do with my Gentoo's, simply as they have the logic:
>  if ! wget $URL/file
>   $URL=next-mirror()
>  fi

Oooh - can we have another distro-war???  ;-)

>>I don't really want to set up an apt-proxy, and
>>"LocalAptGetRepositories[Trivial]" seemed a bit long winded - or is this
>>the route because there is some indexing I haven't thought of? (I rather
>>assumed it scans the directory for available products)
> The way I've noticed debian does it's stuff is to firstly download an
> index of the files
> that mirror have, and then decides whic is the latest version and
> fetch accordingly.
> And then yes, that [Trivial] method might be the way to go.
mmmm - my lazyness dictates that I rsync the directories first and then 
see what happens

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