[CLUG-tech] djbdns problems

Izak Burger izakb at miranetworks.net
Thu Feb 2 11:53:01 SAST 2006

Brink JG <13877720 at sun.ac.za> wrote:
> I decided to try a clean install of djbdns on a newly installed SuSE 10 box.  Logging works, but the dnscache logfile contains 129 entries which look like this:
> @4000000043e1ce4238c63f94 dnscache: fatal: unable to bind UDP socket: address not available

cat /etc/dnscache/env/IP

Does your box have that IP on any of it's interfaces?

> # netstat -a -ee -v -u -p

I prefer adding -n as well so I can see the port numbers.

> Are all processes listening on UDP ports listed here, or do I need to change the options to netstat?

netstat -nlp is generally good enough for me, and it shows all listening 
processes.  Add -u if you only want udp.

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