[CLUG-tech] Postfix for win32

Wayne Koorts wkoorts at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 23:03:22 SAST 2006

> > Another very simple open source solution that comes to mind, if you don't
> > have the technical knowhow to install and update your own linux systems, are
> > e-smith SME server, download the iso, simple menu based config, and off you
> > go, Mail, virus and spam all in one shot, its very stable and works
> > absolutly brilliantly for a "custom out of the box solution" but you will
> > need another server/desktop to run it on though. But ive seen it in
> > companies with more than 2000 users running on a pentium II with 128MB RAM.
> A client of mine has this, it gives me endless trouble. The packages are
> outdated and IIRC the base os is RedHat 6 or something like that.

I like SuSE for that kind of thing because it is up to date and it
also has great "GUI" tools for management which work very well.  Also
you can go down to text file level too if that's what you need.

I feel that a generic solution is usually best.  Find as "pure" a
distro as possible (whichever one doesn't make a world of difference,
but stick with a mainstream one), configure the MTA that it comes with
(Postfix is always there nowadays), slap on Webmin and you're away.

Wayne Koorts
Registered Linux User #330079

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