[CLUG-tech] Postfix for win32

Marko Vukovic vukko at rouvic.com
Wed Feb 1 21:54:06 SAST 2006

Sean Noble wrote:
> Another very simple open source solution that comes to mind, if you don't
> have the technical knowhow to install and update your own linux systems, are
> e-smith SME server, download the iso, simple menu based config, and off you
> go, Mail, virus and spam all in one shot, its very stable and works
> absolutly brilliantly for a "custom out of the box solution" but you will
> need another server/desktop to run it on though. But ive seen it in
> companies with more than 2000 users running on a pentium II with 128MB RAM.
> Once it is installed you can do everything via a very nice web interface,
> including firewall, vpn, mail, virus, spam, samba, etc etc. Its well
> supported in newsgroups too.
> http://contribs.org

A client of mine has this, it gives me endless trouble. The packages are 
outdated and IIRC the base os is RedHat 6 or something like that.

IMHO having firewall, MTA and Samba etc. on one machine is asking for 

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