[CLUG-tech] Recommended ADSL Modem?

Sean Noble sean at careerjunction.co.za
Wed Feb 1 16:17:06 SAST 2006

Wouter Morgan wrote:
> Zoltan Szecsei wrote:
>> Already we are living with a situation that Telkom are not (seem not 
>> to be) hard capping, yet there next level ISPs are.
> Got 21GB on a 3GB account with them last month :-)
Aaah!! stop it  -  it hurts  :-)

I'm trying to work out if I should write my little ISP a letter giving him 1
more chance to come up with an amicable solution rather than just slamming
the gates shut, or whether to just silently slip away and go somewhere else.
The sad thing is I really like this bunch, but I really will not tolerate
being silently chopped.
I don't mind paying extra, but it must be reasonable and sure they could
email or SMS me as I approach my pre-agreed limit?
Since Saturday I could NOT get into the SAIX site to check my usage (who's
fault was that?) and on Monday morning, circa 9am, I was unceremoniously



(OK: now you can all start recommending an ISP to me :-)  )

Write them a note,,,,,  (remember most ISP's on the ISP association of SA
does currently have telkom in court about ADSL) that that it helps they all
just virtual ISP through to Telkom in any event. I am sure your ISP would
love to have the same solution you are looking for. The only way past this
at the moment is go to a tier one ISP that is willing to give you a uncapped
account at a "fairly decent rate" I've done lots of implementations of this
and it actually works really well. But its more expensive though. But if for
a company then its affordable and value for money.

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