[CLUG-tech] Recommended ADSL Modem?

Jonathan Groll lists at groll.co.za
Wed Feb 1 15:14:15 SAST 2006

On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 01:22:18PM +0200, Dewet Diener wrote:
> I don't want a PC running 24x7 at home for various reasons (power use, 
> noise, etc), but this router *does* do firewalling, port forwarding and 

And the class of person who reads clug* is usually the type who wants to
fully understand and control their computer.

For guys like me the central question is do you trust the built in
firewall? Do you actually know what its doing? That is my main concern
with these simple devices - they may be (apparently) working correctly,
but at some point it does involve trust.

> dyndns registration for me already.  And for visiting PCs, it is 
> plug-and-play with DHCP, meaning it really is much *less* admin than 
> having it running on a (server) PC -- there is something to be said for 
> its web-based admin for these simple tasks.
> But yes, I would not want to try and set up any advanced routing with it.

With respect to these things serving DHCP it is important to also bear
in mind it will be less flexible than a PC, especially if you want to do
even simple things like assigning a specified IP for a specified MAC...

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