[CLUG-tech] djbdns problems

Jacobus Brink 13877720 at sun.ac.za
Wed Feb 1 13:17:49 SAST 2006

Neil Muller wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 12:41:01PM +0200, Jacobus Brink wrote:
>>>You did run dnscache-conf, right? What account did you use for the
>>>logging account? dnscache-conf should be called as 
>>>dnscache-conf <account to run dnscache as> <logging account> /dir 
>>dnscache-conf Gdnscache Gdnslog /var/service/dnscache
> The account's Gdnscache and Gdnslog do exist, right?
#grep Gdnslog /etc/passwd
# grep Gdnscache /etc/passwd
>Then the log directory should exist under /var/service/dnscache
I  must have messed up somewhere.
> Since you're using /etc/dnscache, I assume that
> /var/service/dnscache and /etc/dnscache are symlinked together?

I apologise for not answering these before, I missed them.

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