[CLUG-tech] Recommended ADSL Modem?

Mogamat Abrahams tech at cyber-worx.co.za
Wed Feb 1 13:10:04 SAST 2006

Dewet Diener wrote:

> I'm using the Netgear WRT834 [1], which is nice for home use, since it 
> contains a built-in 802.11b/g access point and 4-port switch as well. 
> Runs linux on the inside, so there is a chance that Sveasoft [2] 
> firmware can be used on it.  Can be picked up for <R1500.

These dont do bridge mode (AFAIK) and so add an extra layer of admin if 
you using your ADSL Router on a firewall/proxy etc to serve a lan.
The telkoms modems may be a bit shaky at times (Older ones would loose 
ability to switch into bridge mode, or corrupt firmware updates) but 
they are easier to integrate. The planet modems use the same connexant 
hasbani chipset that the Telkom modem uses for around R 680.


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