[CLUG-tech] Recommended ADSL Modem?

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Wed Feb 1 12:32:10 SAST 2006

Rudolf Vavruch wrote:
> I assume this subject has been discussed to death but I can't find much 
> information on the wiki and there doesn't seem to be a search 
> functionality on the list.
> We're planning on getting ADSL, at the moment we're considering the 
> HomeDSL 384 (any comments?). The modem will be connected probably to an 
> Ubuntu machine at first but I would like to change it to OpenBSD at some 
> point in the future.
> I've read that Telkom's Marconi modem's are to be avoided. We're looking 
> for a solid mid-rangeish modem. Any suggestions, any recommendations 
> where would be a good place to get hold of such an item?
> Thanks,
> Rudolf

errr.... shouldn't this be on clug-chat???

A lot of us use Netgear 834uk (guk, gtuk or pnuk varieties) and are 
happy with them.
A lot of us also seem to flame the Telkom marconi offering too.



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