[CLUG-tech] Recommended ADSL Modem?

Rudolf Vavruch rudolf at redshift.co.za
Wed Feb 1 12:02:02 SAST 2006

I assume this subject has been discussed to death but I can't find much 
information on the wiki and there doesn't seem to be a search 
functionality on the list.

We're planning on getting ADSL, at the moment we're considering the 
HomeDSL 384 (any comments?). The modem will be connected probably to an 
Ubuntu machine at first but I would like to change it to OpenBSD at some 
point in the future.

I've read that Telkom's Marconi modem's are to be avoided. We're looking 
for a solid mid-rangeish modem. Any suggestions, any recommendations 
where would be a good place to get hold of such an item?


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