[CLUG-tech] Meissner UPS monitoring

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.net
Wed Feb 1 11:21:51 SAST 2006

Hi all


Charles Oertel wrote:
> Got a Meissner UPS from Light Edge.  Need to get an Ubuntu Breezy box to 
> monitor the serial port signals.

As per suggestions I installed 'NUT' and used the excellent website 
tutorials to configure it (just google 'nut howto').

The upscode2 driver didn't work, and I emailed Meissner's support to ask 
for details of the protocol.  They sent me a word document with heading 
'Centralion' and when I looked it up on the NUT site it showed me that 
the Centralion UPS uses the 'blazer' driver.

:( But it still didn't work... in a fit of pique I tried ttyS1 even 
though I had it plugged into the top com port (usually ttyS0).  And now 
it works (which means almost all my other failures would have failed 
anyway, so actually, I know nothing about anything except:
Meissner NET1000 UPS -> NUT -> Centralion Blazer driver -> Ubuntu Breezy
Peace of mind while Koeberg is down... ;-)


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