[CLUG-tech] Meissner UPS monitoring

Johann Spies jspies at sun.ac.za
Wed Feb 1 09:07:17 SAST 2006

On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 08:40:07PM +0200, Charles Oertel wrote:
> Got a Meissner UPS from Light Edge.  Need to get an Ubuntu Breezy box to 
> monitor the serial port signals.
> I'm trying upsd but get no joy from it (gives an error when I pull out 
> the UPS power).
> Has somebody gone this route before?  Or, is there a utility I can use 
> to detect the com port status so that I can configure upsd with my fingers?

I have used powstatd years ago with a TrippLite UPS an I remember I
had to use IRQ0 on a serial port to get it to pick up the signals on
that port correctly.  But it was not too difficult to set up.  The
documentation was very good.  I don't know about the Meissner UPS

The description of the powstatd on Debian:

Description: Configurable UPS monitoring daemon

 Assuming you have a relay-based "dumb" UPS that corresponds with your
 machine via a serial connection, you should be able to configure
 powstatd in just a few minutes. It is easily  configured, and can be
 expected to support most "dumb" UPS supplies.

 UPS models known to work:
 CyberPower PowerSL series
 CyberPower Power2000 1500VA
 CyberPower Power99 325VA, 400VA, 500VA and 720VA
 Some older CyberPower 385VA and 450VA models
 TrippLite Internet Office 500 UPS
 Various older APC units.

 Powstatd can also be configured to allow a master machine to control
 (Via a network connection) up to 2 (by default) additional slave
 machines connected to the same UPS. This allows you to run several
 machines off the same UPS, with only one of the machines actually
 reading the UPS status over the serial line.

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