[CLUG-tech] Postfix for win32

Sean Noble sean at careerjunction.co.za
Wed Feb 1 07:48:57 SAST 2006

Another very simple open source solution that comes to mind, if you don't
have the technical knowhow to install and update your own linux systems, are
e-smith SME server, download the iso, simple menu based config, and off you
go, Mail, virus and spam all in one shot, its very stable and works
absolutly brilliantly for a "custom out of the box solution" but you will
need another server/desktop to run it on though. But ive seen it in
companies with more than 2000 users running on a pentium II with 128MB RAM.

Once it is installed you can do everything via a very nice web interface,
including firewall, vpn, mail, virus, spam, samba, etc etc. Its well
supported in newsgroups too.

Just a thought. I know clients can be picky at times. But you wont be sorry.

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Sean Noble wrote:
> Install cygwin, and then run a native linux MTA if you must, but jeeez 
> rather slap in a BSD/linux solution much less trouble much  more fun 
> :)
I've considered that.  I think the added complexity
(windows/cygwin/postfix/spamfilter/amavis/clamav) is not something that can
be compared to Mercury's simplicity.  

and Andre Truter wrote:
> Hmm.  I suppose if the customer REALLY want to run it from Windows, 
> then I would go for a product that is officially supported on Windows.
> Not sure if either postfix or Mercury is officially supported.
I believe you can get official support for Mercury.  I don't know what the
status of Postfix under windows/cygwin is though.

> My gut feel is to stay away from Postfix on Windows. Postfix is a very 
> good MTA, but it has been designed to run on a UNIX/Linux system and I 
> suppose that you have to panel-beat Windows to pretend it is 
> UNIX/Linux to make Postfix work.
> This is never a good idea.

I found this by Wietse Venema over at
Do you know of any plans to port Postfix to Win32 (NT/2000) platforms?

I get the impression that everyone gave up. Postfix relies on
multi-processing to increase separation between activities, and to increase
resistance to failure. Windows favors multi-threading, which means that a
service is implemented by one single process. Postfix keeps running even if
one Postfix process dies; Windows requires that someone restarts the

Truth to be said, Postfix uses multi-programming mostly where it can hurt
itself, namely, where it interacts with the non-Postfix world. Internally,
Postfix does use multi-threading, for example, for its scheduler program
that hands the mail queue requests to the mail delivery agents. 
So that pretty much settles the issue of stability, although that was in
> When it comes to server software on Windows (If I really have
> to) I tend to lean towards something that has been specifically 
> designed for Windows.
> Desktop apps are OK, it is not something that you depend on for 
> stability.

Thanks for the thought and advice.

I think I'll settle for Mercury for now.  

In future we can add a nice FreeBSD 6.0 box for them ;-) ... Since we want
maximum stability if we are going to add a server for the client...   



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