[CLUG-tech] Postfix for win32

Roland Giesler roland at giesler.za.net
Wed Feb 1 02:15:33 SAST 2006

Wayne Koorts wrote:
> After skimming over the thread and everyone else's replies
> I'm surprised that the first question that came to my mind
> has not yet been asked:  What does the client require?  
You're right of course.  I did explain the scenario, nor the client's needs.
That was precisely though what make me ask about Postfix on Windows, since
the have a complete and table solution and simply want to move their
mailboxes away from Mweb.  It's a domain with about 10 mailboxes.  The total
solution cost them almost an astonishing R900 per month!  That excludes the
ADSL line, which is not from Mweb.  So they want to get the mail on their
own server inhouse, saving a large amount of bandwidth for all inter-office
mail.  They have got M$ SBS 2003 in the box already, but since the upgrade,
reconfig and stabilisation of the systems is too much of senseless exercise,
and won't add any value except an MTA (if one can call Exchange Server
that!), simply installing something like Mercury would be the least grief
and won't upset their applecart.  

> How big is
> the network? Do they have a domain with a "catch-all" mailbox?  Do
> they want to set up a primary MTA system?
Yes and no.  What they have doesn't have to stay that way, it will be
changed to whatever is needed.  

> I have used Mercury with dial-up / 15 client network /
> catch-all domain mailbox and it worked well.  The only
> hiccups I ever had were caused by the OS.
I've seen Mercury in large setups.  A highschool with 1000's of mailboxes
for example, and it handled it well.  Of course they didn't allow large
attachment's, but lan users should learn that sending 10Meg video clips to
each other is a bad idea.  <rant> I'd rather create a filestore for them
somewhere where they can save the a copy and simply send the link to all
(since it seems almost impossible to convince the average office female (and
some males too mind you) that sending a chain prayer/blessing created in
powerpoint will not change their lives forever, and not sending it will not
bring two years of bad luck, accidents or more and that Jesus won't think
they're disloyal for not passing on the soppy story. </rant>

> If they require something larger / more robust (which I doubt
> based on the information given thus far) then I'd go so far
> as to say you _have_ to go for a BSD/Linux /
> <favourite_wellknown_MTA> solution.
> It's not the only way but it has been proven time and again to be the
> best. 
I think I try postfix anyway a dev win server somewhere just to see how it
fares.  But in the meantime, I'll get them going on Mercury.  I'll run them
for a month without kicking out Mweb, just in case I need to revert back and
see how it goes.


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