[CLUG-tech] Postfix for win32

Wayne Koorts wkoorts at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 00:28:55 SAST 2006

> Do any of you have experience to share regarding this.  I have a client that
> needs an MTA and I found Postfix for Win32.  Question is, should I go with
> this or rather install Mercury.

After skimming over the thread and everyone else's replies I'm
surprised that the first question that came to my mind has not yet
been asked:  What does the client require?  How big is the network? 
Do they have a domain with a "catch-all" mailbox?  Do they want to set
up a primary MTA system?

I have used Mercury with dial-up / 15 client network / catch-all
domain mailbox and it worked well.  The only hiccups I ever had were
caused by the OS.

If they require something larger / more robust (which I doubt based on
the information given thus far) then I'd go so far as to say you
_have_ to go for a BSD/Linux / <favourite_wellknown_MTA> solution. 
It's not the only way but it has been proven time and again to be the

Wayne Koorts
Registered Linux User #330079

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