[CLUG-tech] pppd listening on port 80?

Stefano Rivera stefano at clug.org.za
Tue Apr 5 16:43:03 SAST 2005

Hi Stefano (2005.04.03_20:40:38_+0200)
> # netstat -lntp | grep 80
> tcp 0  0*  LISTEN  32737/pppd
> It seems to have taken over several apache2 file descriptors...
> I'm suspection dodgy memory - I'll go out to visit it with a memtest CD
> ASAP this week.

Half way solved. The pppd was started by a web interface, and the
apache2 segfaulted after the pon command was spawned.

So far so good, but now I need to
A: Stop apache segfaulting. I'm working on this...
B: Put a wrapper around pon that drops these extra file discriptors and

My C knowledge is patchy and pretty primitive - can anyone throw me a


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