[CLUG-tech] PC Hardware probe - looking for

Smitty smitty at wam.co.za
Fri Nov 29 22:46:09 SAST 2002

> What I want to know is, does anyone know of some sort of free PC
> diagnostic program that I can run from a bootdisk that would be able to
> probe my PC hardware and give me all the technical specs (Bus speed,
> type of mother-board, etc., etc.)
> At the moment, all that I know is that I'm running a Celeron 500 (which
> apparently has the Pentium II type architecture). I bought the computer
> a couple of years ago from my brother and he had lost all the
> documentation by the time I got it :(. Windows users generally never see
> the point of documentation ;).
It was a heavily integrated machine as I recall, onboard video, etc.
Open it up and find out what motherboard is in there.

Google that and you'll soon find out what agp, ide, video etc you have.

it depends

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