[CLUG-tech] Documentation for ppp-watch

Mark Ter Morshuizen mark at itbox.co.za
Fri Nov 29 09:28:08 SAST 2002


Does anyone know where I can find decent documentation for ppp-watch?
The man page is rather terse and there is nothing in the usual doc 
directories. Googling presents a long list of problems with it but no site 
which actually documents it (that I can find).

Can this thing monitor a multilink ppp link and make sure it stays up?

The link in question uses four modems on two analogue leased lines. The ppp 
daemons controlling the serial lines are started by a respawn line in 
/etc/inittab. The endpoints of the mppp link are set as MAC for the NIC in 
the machine at each end.

Currently the link periodically stops working every few days / weeks and 
requires a "killall pppd" to get the ppp daemons re-spawned by init.

I'm looking for a solution which can monitor the link and respawn it if it 
stops carrying traffic.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Mark Ter Morshuizen
mark at itbox.co.za
082 542 6484

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