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Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Wed Nov 27 21:47:28 SAST 2002

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Gund wrote:
> Hi All

Do you *have* to reply to an existing thread, quoting all the previous
posts, when you start a new thread?

> Has anybody had any experience or is currently using a Sony HandyCAM or
> similar with a DV card or port with LINUX.

I don't have any such hardware ...

> I have a HandyCAM and a DV card and cable etc. It works lovely with that
> other operating system and a package called MGI VideoWave 5, I would
like to
> use the camera and capture all my boring holiday pics (edit them too and
> maybe add some tunes) using LINUX.
> I have found a few DV type software packages for LINUX, but none that
> close to the above.

Well, which software have you tried? I know of (open source):
- -bcast
- -cinerella
- -linuxvideostudio
- -kino

At least the last two are supposed ot be able to capture directly from
the DV, and do various funky things with the video.

Then there's also mainactor (commercial) which is supposed to be quite good.

All of this is available on my distro, or from http://plf.zarb.org

> Any offers of help or advice would be grateful.
> Thank you in advance.

It might also help knowing what distro you run.

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