[CLUG-tech] GRUB with multiple OSes - Thanks to all

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Wed Nov 27 18:08:40 SAST 2002

Hi All,
I've finally got it working - I have summarised the "18 steps to Heaven" in
another email which I will post to this list a little later today - this way
those of you who want to keep it for a reference can simply "file it"
without all the soppy thanks that follow.

Special thanks got to Thomas Andrews - the first response I received. All I
really needed in fact came from this response. I got  woken up to "parted"
and told to "Try not to re-install too many times ;)"

Other discussions that did help to expand the mind were also from:
Gund, Chris Ducombe Rae, Gary Marshall, Gaffs and Buchan Milne.
Thanks for the interest, guys.

The onion award goes to Dewald Trotskie for his comment: (gotta re-mention
it here cos it's so lame):

>Why run Win ME in the first place. It's slow, useless and literally has the
>same functionality as Win 98. Or switch to XP. IMHO you could just delete
>the virus called Windows and use Linux. Problem solved. If you have to,
>dual-boot it with Wiin 2K at best.
>dewald troskie

Dewald! - get a life!

Thanks again,
Regards to all,

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> Hi All,
> Can anyone put me in touch with a Win2K technical list?
> I'm trying to combine WinME, Win2K & RH8.0 on one 80GB HD.
> Has anyone done this?
> I've got it working, but I've got 2 hassles:
> Hassle 1:  GRUB offers the choice of "DOS" or "Red Hat" and, when you
> "DOS", then the Windows loader  offers you a choice of "WinME" or
"Win2K" -
> I really don't like this 2-tier bootloading - I'd much rather have all
> choices from GRUB & not the secondary choice from Windows.
> I _did_ edit the grub.conf file to add a choice going directly to
> but it wouldn't boot - I even fiddled with "hide" & "unhide" and also
> "makeactive".
> Hassle 2: This seems to be a Windows hassle: I have to install WinMe
> then Win2K. When I boot up WinMe I cannot see the Win2K partition - this
> good and expected. _But_, when I boot up Win2K, I get the WinMe partition
> C: and the Win2K partition as D:. I cannot change the drive letters
> under Win2K _both_ C: & D: are system boot partitions!!
> For those who are bored and want to read further  ;-)
> Here's how I did it - I'd be grateful for any "spot the error" answers.
> Step 1:  put on 25GB partition for WinME & loaded it successfully.
> Step 2:  put on 8GB partition for Win2K & loaded it successfully.
> At this stage windows automatically installed a bootloader and I could
> choose between WinME & Win2K __but__ when I boot to Win2K, the fri??ing
> WinME partition comes up as the C: drive and Win2K is on the D: drive!!!
> (How can I change this [ouch - stop throwing abuses 'cos I'm asking
> on this list] so that the loaded Win2K also has it's own C drive? - then I
> can relegate the WinME FAT32 partition to (say) M:)
> Step 3:  put on RH8:  102MB for /boot, 510MB for swap and
> 10GB for /
> Is there a better order for installing the OSes - hopefully to avoid the
> C: - D: mixup & also to avoid the "double bootloader" issue?
> TIA,
> Zoltan.
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